Firefox 3

July 9, 2008 § Leave a comment

Just downloaded Firefox 3 (Grand Paradiso) for OS X today.

And man, it is so much better than FF2.

These are some of the obvious improvements:

  • It gains the native look and feel of Cocoa app. (+9867542534) Firefox 3 Cocoa look and Feel
  • Plugins/Extensions are search able and installable via Tools menu. (+564758453)
  • Most extensions are working without any serious hiccup, especially FireBug. (+564241)
  • It’s Gecko 1.9 engine is noticeably faster. (Noticed via YSlow plugin & my eyes, I know, not very scientific)

Although, I have to add:

Sometimes, FireBug is confused about the existence of console object when I called console.log(‘something’).




Netscape Browser is dead

May 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

On March 1st, 2008, AOL stop all supports as well as security updates.

AOL recommends Firefox or Flock as migration options.

Netscape has officially passed away.


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