HuddleChat is taken down…

April 9, 2008 § 1 Comment

Following the App Engine launch yesterday, Google published 5 of sample applications which use App Engine.

One of them is HuddleChat, a nice web-based chat room client. It’s a simple project for simple demo.

Unfortunately, HuddleChat is taken down today.

It’s all because 37Signals told ReadWriteWeb that Google rip-off their Campfire application. Lame.

Dude, seriously, how many variations can you come up for chat client? Isn’t this a bit ridiculous?


Flickr Backend

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Early Flickr:

Flickr Architecture:

Digg Backend

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Here Comes Another Bubble song

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Latest Update (01/19/2008):

The YouTube Video is back!


Lame, lame, triple lame! Richter Scales, the guy behind this super awesome video is being threaten by a photographer who claimed that she wasn’t getting paid for Lane Hartwell picture.

Anyway… the video I’m displaying right now is now hosted via Daily Motion.

A tribute to Web 2.0 “growth”.


Link to the video & TeamSugar

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This is another not so new social networking site, but its idea is somehow refreshing and original.

  • There are a lot of fashion blogs/magazines…
  • There are a lot of gossip blogs…
  • There are a lot of social network sites…

But there’s not a whole lot of those three combined in 1 site. It definitely has high advertisement values.

Popsugar is built using Drupal, one of the oldest open source CMS. It has tons of modules. A social networking app can easily be built on top of Drupal.

Detailed conversation about Popsugar’s technical specs & Drupal tips is recorded here.

Granted that Drupal source code is somewhat funky, along with its hook architecture, but it is well known to be flexible and capable to withstand medium-sized traffic.


Yet another Web award: Webware 2007

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This is the link to Webware Top 100

Old story of Friendster

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Friendster might be a yester-year trend (I certainly don’t think so since IT is the major social network site that I use), but its up and down story is the kind of tale that fascinates me.

In case some readers didn’t know, they rejected $30 million dollars buyout from Google in 2003.

Their super fast growth was probably 1 of the biggest problem, they couldn’t scale as fast as they grow.

It’s best for readers to simply read the articles. It’s very interesting read.


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