BBC Worlds Most Powerful: Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

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Lame host, but still interesting nonetheless.


Fake Steve Job is finally revealed

December 22, 2007 § Leave a comment

Darn… I never really wanted to know the real person behind fake Steve Jobs.

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs is an anonymous blog, authored by “Fake Steve Jobs (FSJ)”, that follows hi-tech industry in a candid way. Words on the street’s that real Steve Jobs and Bill Gates read FSJ blog (In 1 of WSJ podcast, Bill Gates claimed that he is NOT FSJ). 

It is always more fun to imagine that Steve Jobs really said the things on Fake Steve Jobs blog. 

But anyway, FSJ turned out to be Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes magazine who lives near Boston.

As FSJ, Daniel Lyons enjoys calling Bill Gates as Beastmaster and Eric E. Schmidt as Squirrel Boy. Fun stuff…

Although sadly, sure enough, Apple lawyers are starting to contact him. 



Apple, Inc. articles (or mostly Steve Jobs)

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List of articles which are hard to come by:

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