Configuring Apache2 VirtualHost for Multiple Host Names

June 9, 2008 § Leave a comment

I kept forgetting on how to do it.

This is a reminder for myself, and hopefully can be useful for readers.

See this Drupal article!


  • Mac OS X hosts file is located at: /etc/hosts
  • Default Apache2 vhosts file on Mac OS X is located at: /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf

Japanese Mac vs PC Commercial 09

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Japanese Mac vs PC Commercial 06

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Japanese Mac vs PC Commercial 04

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Japanese Mac vs PC Commercial 02

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“Home Movie”

Japanese Mac vs PC Commercial 01

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This one is talking about PC is preparing against virus and spyware.

This one is talking about PC keep being sick because of viruses and advice that Mac should also be careful.

This one is talking about how PC can also do fun stuff such as preparing pie chart.

I didn’t really get this one

PHP 5.2.4/5.2.5 on Leopard… (–with-mysql problem)

November 26, 2007 § 5 Comments

is pretty much neutered. It doesn’t have a lot of extensions that I need such as: curl, mysql (this is the big one), pdo, etc, etc…

Update: It seems like I did not went through a clean-wiped-out install when installing Leopard. Many of my old development tool directories stayed the same, but some are different. PHP happens to be one of the few that’s different.

That sucks… O well, all I have to do is rebuild PHP 5.2.4/5.2.5 from source (+ all the extensions that I want) right?

WRONG!!! Big Fat Wrong!

I cannot even do:

./configure -–with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql

After that I got this console message:

configure: error: -–with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql: invalid option; use –help to show usage

Huh? Why? WTF?

There are plenty of people complaining about the exact same problem, but no one seemed to have the answers.

Can anyone help me? Can anyone points me to the working PHP 5.2.4/5.2.5 source?


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