Now I know why I like Mochikit

July 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

Before, I really don’t care much about Javascript frameworks. They all do kind of the same thing and they all works.

Well, Prototype + Scriptaculous are serious pain in the neck, but I’ve moved on. I guess many Javascript developers have moved on from those two as well.

I still like Mootools. Their website is always so sexy, and the documentation is always clear. (+ 654768864 points for Mootools)

But I now know why I like Mochikit better:

“Mochikit does not mess with Base Object properties.”

Mochikit is simply a library of useful functions. Functions that make Javascript development more pleasant, and I like that.

Side Notes:

  • I never used Dojo, so I don’t know anything about them. That being said, Dojo is massive! 4.1 Mb of tar.gz file.
  • GWT doesn’t count in my preference list, because it’s a JAVA library that writes Javascript. Not my cup of tea.



Kamaelia: Open Source Python Framework

June 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

Kamaelia is not yet another Rails-esque framework, thus making it more interesting.

Kamaelia is open source framework for building concurrent system. It was conceived inside r & D lab. It is written in Python, making it double interesting.

It draws its inspiration from UNIX pipeline. UNIX pipe allows chaining processes so that the output of current process goes directly to the input of the next process. The ‘pipeline’ module is called Axon.

From its documentation, Kamaelia is more like collection of components. The components comprises a lot of thing; TCP server/client, GUI builder, Audio codec, IRC client, etc…

This framework is most definitely different.


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