Cars: Oregon’s 1 billion transportation investment

November 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

Oregon’s governor, Ted Kulongski, proposed more than 1 billion in transportation investment. From the article, that plan would create 2,100 jobs a year in the first five years. On top of that, the plan will also provides $5000 tax credit on electric car purchase.

The proposal itself is not quite tech-news worthy, but when Nissan is mentioned as Oregon’s partner in electric cars, it stresses Oregon’s serious commitment even more.



Nissan GT-R Assembly Plant

December 4, 2007 § 1 Comment

Apologize to readers, I cannot hold the temptation to go off-topic (beyond computer) today.

The following video is a quick tour on Nissan GT-R assembly plant in Tochigi, Japan.

Nissan GT-R has always been featured in awesome car racing games. It is somewhat legendary in US because Nissan doesn’t import GT-R to US (That will change in 2009).

Another awesome point about this car: It is relatively cheap, comparable to Corvette in terms of Price/Performance ratio.

But anyway, the factory tour is definitely cool to watch.



Wikipedia – Nissan GT-R

Random: Exploded car in parking lot

September 7, 2007 § Leave a comment

Somehow, out of nowhere, an old beemer exploded in company’s car lot.

Too bad, I didn’t carry my cellphone while watching it bursting in flame.


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