Pylons: Testing Configuration

June 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

It’s nice that Pylons include nosetest and TestUnit as part of its testing framework.

Unfortunately, using those for unit testing inside Pylons is not trivial, not obvious, and inconvenient.

For examples:

  • I can only run nosetests on top-level directory because config is expecting ‘test.ini’ file. That’s inconvenient.
  • It is not obvious how build sqlalchemy’s engine inside tests/ Ideally, I can build the engine based on test.ini configurations.

To answer those questions, this is how my looks like:

The __init__ file solves various problems:

  • I can run nosetests anywhere inside project’s directory tree.
  • With simple convention, __init__ will look for test.ini file on top-level directory.
  • SqlAlchemy engine is built using configuration set in test.ini

I hope this snippet can help readers in getting up to speed in Pylons even quicker.



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