Git Cheat Sheet

April 11, 2009 § 1 Comment

A couple of notes for myself and readers about Git:

  • Git does not allow you to add empty directory.
  • Do not forget to do initial commit when starting a new repository. Otherwise you will get: error: src refspec master does not match any. Reference: here.
  • There are a couple of configurations need to be set before performing git pull:
    git config branch.master.merge 'refs/heads/master' and 
    git config branch.master.remote 'origin'
  • How to ignore files? Read here.
  • The best Git GUI on OS X is: GitX.
  • Git cheat sheet by GitHub: [link]

If you are SVN users:

  • git checkout is not what you think. The functionality that you might want is git clone.
  • git checkout is used to switch branch or re-checkout a file.
  • git commit is not what you think. The command only do local commit. To push to ‘central‘ repo, you want to do git commit followed by git push.


§ One Response to Git Cheat Sheet

  • atma says:

    Man thank you, most howto’s on the web suck. You pointed out the two little commands that saved me.


    ps. I’ll write a quick howto on my blog just to have it handy… blah

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