New Search Engine on the Block: Cuil

July 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

Cuil claims that it searches 3x more web pages than Google, 10x more than Micro$oft.

Loud claim, but I supposed the founders can make such claims since they are well decorated ex Googlers.

But the main question is:

Will it be a better search experience (for me)?

Through out the whole evening I’m trying to search with Cuil. Youtube videos about soccer, mac pictures, online comic, Scion cars, Honda history, etc, etc…

So many things to search. Let’s see how Cuil fulfill my needs:

  • I typed: “youtube scion xb video”. Where’s the youtube page?
  • And then “soccer videos“, it searches some stuff, but not really online soccer videos of latest european matches.
  • Mac pictures“… First page is about Bernie Mac???
  • Moving on, how about “naruto manga“, aha! Finally useful pages that shows me where to read the latest Naruto manga online.
  • Next, “honda history” search term. I’m surprised that wikipedia page about Honda is not even on the first page.
  • Finally, I typed “Cuil“. It cannot even find itself. Even Mahalo can find itself.

I don’t know what would be the scientific way of evaluating search engines. Overall, Cuil hasn’t been a very good experience.

Side Note:

Since they are ex Googlers, are they using Python?


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