Now I know why I like Mochikit

July 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

Before, I really don’t care much about Javascript frameworks. They all do kind of the same thing and they all works.

Well, Prototype + Scriptaculous are serious pain in the neck, but I’ve moved on. I guess many Javascript developers have moved on from those two as well.

I still like Mootools. Their website is always so sexy, and the documentation is always clear. (+ 654768864 points for Mootools)

But I now know why I like Mochikit better:

“Mochikit does not mess with Base Object properties.”

Mochikit is simply a library of useful functions. Functions that make Javascript development more pleasant, and I like that.

Side Notes:

  • I never used Dojo, so I don’t know anything about them. That being said, Dojo is massive! 4.1 Mb of tar.gz file.
  • GWT doesn’t count in my preference list, because it’s a JAVA library that writes Javascript. Not my cup of tea.



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