July 6, 2008 § 1 Comment

I don’t do Erlang, but I heard it more and more nowadays. Especially since Amazon SimpleDB is written in Erlang. Ericsson’s Computer Science Lab developed Erlang in the 80s.

So, I guess its worth a little research on Erlang.

What do I know so far about Erlang:

  • It is a concurrent programming language and runtime environment.
  • It’s open sourced by Ericsson.
  • The concurrency is done via Erlang’s process, which is neither OS process or threads. Erlang process works like green thread (maybe should be called green process), which is process that scheduled by the runtime environment.
  • Installation on OS X require compiling from source. (Here’s the latest build)
  • CouchDB, which is similar to SimpleDB in terms of features, is also written in Erlang.

How to Install Erlang on OS X:

  1. Download the latest build, and extract the tar ball.
  2. Run configure with the following options: ./configure –enable-smp-support –enable-hipe –enable-darwin-universal
  3. run make
  4. Finally, sudo make install

What is HiPE (High Performance Erlang)?

In short, HiPE is Just-In-Time compiler for Erlang.



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