Everyone Loves Python

June 30, 2008 § 2 Comments

Why everyone loves Python: (I never get tired of evangelizing Python =)

Eric Raymond @ Linux Journal

“I was generating working code nearly as fast as I could type. When I realized this, I was quite startled.”

“in Python, I was actually dealing with an exceptionally good design. Most languages have so much friction and awkwardness built into their design that you learn most of their feature set long before your misstep rate drops anywhere near zero. Python was the first general-purpose language I’d ever used that reversed this process.”

“So the real punchline of the story is this: weeks and months after writing fetchmailconf, I could still read the fetchmailconf code and grok what it was doing without serious mental effort.”

Paul Prescod – ISOGEN consulting engineer @ O’Reilly

“Power, elegance, simplicity, equality, liberty, fraternity: This is heady stuff, and it explains the evangelical tone of some Python programmers.”


“Web scrape and encode to disk in 54 lines”

Bruce Eckel, author of Thinking in…Why I love Python

Paul Graham, 2004 – The Python Paradox

the Python paradox: if a company chooses to write its software in a comparatively esoteric language, they’ll be able to hire better programmers, because they’ll attract only those who cared enough to learn it.

Python Mailing List – response to Paul Graham’s love of Python

Ubuntu Forum – Why to love Python

My own opinion on Why Python

“Python’s power and scalability is proven, not hype. See: Google, NASA, ILM, Phillips, Honeywell, EVEOnline, and YouTube.”


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