iPhone Late Reaction

June 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

Like everybody else, I am really liking the iPhone 3G.

I know, I know, I’m 2 days too late.

I am late because I was stuck with this phrase:

OMFG, $199 iPhone??????? WTF!!!!! I am sooo getting one!!!!

Now that I am saner…

This is what my thoughts on iPhone 3G:

  • Well priced. $199 will drives all the copycats crazy.
  • All the other iPhone plans that Jobs said in WWDC are awesome, no need to add my opinion.
  • It has real GPS, THAT will drive GPS companies crazy as well.
  • If what Jobs said about the battery life is correct, then it is definitely better than any of my hand held gadgets.
  • Irreplaceable battery? I’m not too worried about that. Many electronic gadgets’ lifespan is shorter than Apple battery’s lifespan.
  • And of course, iPhone sync to MacBook (and to MobileMe) are definitely awesome!


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