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April 2, 2008 § 2 Comments

Are mostly pain in the ass. Too much bling and very little REAL user interface.

Many of them are sporting map-like interface, which is nice, but clunky and took long time to load.

I compile a listing below based on my experiences using them:

(Note: This list is biased towards United States geographical area)


  • FrontDoor by HGTV.
    • It is easy to use, not overly crowded and loads quickly. (+123456789)
    • It gives demographic information of the area. (+1035789)
    • It contains MLS listing. (+456123)
    • The search result page is a bit crowded, but you can customize your search in detail. (+12)
    • It provides price comparison to neighboring houses (awesome feature). (+11111111111111)
    • It also provides various public information about the property that you are looking at (E.g. how much was the seller paid last time). (+222222222222222)
  • ByOwnerMLS(NEW)
    • Clean Interface. (+912)
    • Gives you opportunity to look at listing of houses that are for sale by owner (which is a completely different market). (+1234567899)


  • Windermere
    • Its your typical local real estate agency. (They are located only on the NorthWest though)
    • It has easy to navigate interface, better than their competitors. (+456)
    • It contains MLS listing. (+456123)


  • AOL – Real Estate
    • The search result is more visible to Google Search. (+12)
    • The search page is over-crowded, not very easy to use. (-100)
    • The advertisement slots are hard to distinguished. (-54)

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