Games: Pirates Online

February 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

Pirates Online is MMORPG based on Pirates of The Caribbean. This game is actually fun. Fun in a non demanding, casual but still packing lots of action. This game might actually worth spending monthly subscription.

Below are some good points about why I think this game rocks:

  • The game client is fast to download (with cable connection) (+1.02).
  • Pirates Online is not demanding at all in terms of graphic card (+999.99).
  • There’s compelling single player story (+0.5).
  • Navigation and Menu are easy to learn thanks to in-your-face-big-fat-arrow help pointers (+99.123).
  • It is available on Mac (+9999999.99).
  • Ship battles are sooo much fun (+15.00002).

Some of the bad thing on why it sucks:

  • Free account is short, very very short. (- 10.3234)
  • $15 per month might be a bit too expensive because it is not WOW (-1000,2213).

Try it, and see if you like Pirates Online.


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