TurboGears part 1: First Encounter

February 5, 2008 § Leave a comment

I’ve been reading TurboGears website, wiki, & FAQ for almost 2 weeks, now it’s about time to build something with it.

Below are steps I’ve done to have some sort of “Hello World” stuff.

Some Basic Pre-Assumptions

  • You have already installed Python
  • You will want to install easy_install. Read this for install instruction. Easy Install is like apt-get for Python modules.


  • Download tgsetup.py from TurboGears website. Then run the script by calling python tgsetup.py
  • The process above will install a whole bunch of TurboGears component such as:
    • Kid(think CakePHP’s thml or Rails’ rhtml)
    • CherryPy(think of WebServer)
  • SQLObject (think Rails ActiveRecord) is preferred by TurboGears, so we need to install it. In your command-line console, type: easy_install sqlobject.
  • When above are all finished, it’s time to create new project.

Creating New Project

  • TurboGears gives you tg-admin tool (just like Rails’ generate or CakePHP bake script), so let’s use it.
  • tg-admin is an interactive command-line tool which help you building some basic structure for your application.
  • When this process is finished, see if your project is runnable.

Run the Web Server, See if Your Project is Runnable

  • Inside your project directory, from command-line, type: python start-{your_project_name}.py
  • By default, the web server (which is CherryPy) is using port: 8080. If that’s being used, change the configuration, which I will tell you how below.

Changing the Configuration

  • The default configuration of TurboGears is pretty light weight, not quite real life setting. If you don’t like it, modify dev.cfg file.
  • Inside dev.cfg file, you can:
    • use MySQL instead of SQLLite
    • Change the port of your Web Server
    • and more…
  • Try restarting the server, see if your new configuration works.

Well, congratulation, you just created the structure for your next WEB 2.0 project!

In the next series, I will describe my adventure, using TurboGears, to build: Calculator! The next big thing in Web 2.0 world.


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