Interesting criticism against SQLAlchemy

December 30, 2007 § Leave a comment

The Hand of FuManchu pits SQLAlchemy against Storm and Geniusql under his benchmarks.

In the INSERT benchmark FuManchu(I believe he is involved with CherryPy) claims that SQLAlchemy is making over 400 function calls.

FuManchu show these 2 findings on his benchmarks:

  • SQLAlchemy spends a lot of time building the bound parameters.
  • He also claims that SQLAlchemy takes 73 Python function calls fetching auto-increment id.

In response, Mike Bayer wrote, in his blog, saying that SQLAlchemy aims to be a complete ORM with rich features. He even corrected the benchmarks here.

What does this benchmarks mean to me? Nothing much really. I like using SQLAlchemy, it has a lot of features I need and some more. IF this benchmark is right, I can always use raw SQL just for the sake of speed, although such code is ugly.

For readers, read the blogs comments as well. They are very interesting.


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