Review on Mac OS X Leopard

November 9, 2007 § Leave a comment

After using it for couple of days, I think it’s time to give the new OS its review. The list will grow as I use it more and more.

Changes that not necessarily useful but nice anyway:

  • Finally! Unified GUI… iTunes, Finder, & Safari no longer look alien to each other.

Features I find useful:

  • Stacks cut down amount of clicks I have to do while navigating Finder. It is very well executed.
  • Quick look is very useful, especially for reading comic book online.
  • Leopard’s Spotlight is definitely faster.
  • Most Leopard early adopters don’t like the new menubar, especially because of the transparency. But I LOVE transparency, all of Leopard’s transparency feature is done well IMO.

Features I find lacking:

  • The iTunes-esque cover flow felt somewhat unnatural and useless. It is not big enough to replace document preview and definitely not as useful as quick look.

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