8 Financial reason to buy Apple Macintosh

August 3, 2007 § 1 Comment

Below is the bullet points of what I’ve read in CIO.com:

  1. Mac brings a better overall value proposition. It means, “… In Gartenberg’s opinion, Mac machines compare favorably in pricing to similarly outfitted Windows-enabled systems from OEMs such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo …
  2. Macintosh licensing fees are cheaper. The article only compares number of users customer can have per server box. Xserve gives unlimited users while Windows gives different price points per # of users.
  3. Macintosh desktop computer spawn fewer calls to help desk. I think this one is obvious.
  4. Macintosh users are more productive workers. I’m not sure about this one… How can you measure something so subjective.
  5. Macintosh last longer. That’s probably true.
  6. Mac OS X is more secure. Ahh… the classic flamebait. Yes, of course it is more secure… compared to Windows.
  7. Macintosh is as cost-effective to administer as Windows.
  8. Macintosh box can run multiple OSes, therefore not eliminating your prior investment in different OS.


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