Silverlight on Linux…

June 25, 2007 § Leave a comment

is Moonlight.

Fresh today, I read it on Slashdot. A hack-a-thon in 21 days by Mono team created Moonlight. An interesting port of Silverlight.

Interesting Notes:

Note 0: The summary of the development effort can be read here.

Note 1: It doesn’t require Mono. Thus, don’t immediately disregard it as no-future project.

Note 2: The port was done in 21 days. These people deserve extreme credits.

More background to the story:

Q: So what the heck is Silverlight anyway?

A: Silverlight is Microsoft attempt to compete (duh… what else can MSFT do?) with Adobe in Rich Internet Application realm.

Q: What is Rich Internet Application? Yet another Jargon?

A: Kinda. It’s like AJAX & DHTML technologies but instead of using Javascript, it can use Flash (Flex) or native C code (+ browser plugin). Usually it render using interesting technologies.

Q: Is Silverlight available on all platform?

A: Yes, from Wikipedia, MSFT is not being too much of an ass in terms of supported browsers and OSes for Silverlight. That’s a good thing. But then again, you can simply use Flash or Flex for the same results.

Q: So, how about Moonlight? Isn’t it a bit immature? hacked-in-21-days product cannot possibly be that good right?

A: I personally don’t think it’s a bad product. It shows the capability of Mono’s developers. How dedicated they are in delivering more to Linux community (on top of that, remember the harsh criticism Mono team always received).

Q: What does all this mean to me?

A: This fantastic project gives me yet another alternative in building Rich Client application without using Java applet. Although my preference is still traditionally Javascript, now I have Scriptaculous (or Mochikit), Flex, Silverlight, & Moonlight.

Finally, congratulations to Mono team. I have so much respect for you guys.


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