MMORPG: 9Dragons…

June 4, 2007 § 1 Comment

Update (November 26, 2007):

I am going to change my mind on this one. I hope readers don’t think that I’m wishy washy.

9 Dragons is pretty bad. It has more and more weaknesses that nullify all of the positives.

Here are the new cons:

  • Its servers are unreliable, when working on really tough monster, you can get disconnected, and then die, and then got your EXP deducted.
  • Yes, when you die, your EXP got deducted big time. So when you got disconnected, you just lost 2 hours worth of game time. Definitely frustrating.
  • The game’s localization is not very good. But it is not a big deal since this game is basically grind machine.

There is another grind machine game called Martial Heroes. Similar flavor, similar lack of polish in localization department, but this one doesn’t crash/disconnected all that often. I will talk more about this one on separate post.

Below is my old thought:

Turns out to be not so bad after all.

This is yet another MMORPG with different twist and turns. The story is based on fictional ancient China (Ming dynasty to be exact).

True, it’s still fantasy, but at least it’s not another Tolkein-esque setting.

A friend of mine noted that the game has the look and feel of Quake 2 engine. Hmmm… he might be right. That means the system requirement won’t be all that bad.

It turns out that old Pentium 4 with Intel built-in graphic card can still run this game.

Bellow are the pros and cons about how the game played.


  • Low graphic requirement
  • Different setting, different leveling up.
  • Less tedious because weaker monsters don’t give experience points.
  • Level grinding still exist, but because of different style of leveling up, it’s acceptable.
  • Game art is different than the usual fantasy MMORPG. It’s a fresh change.
  • The quests are less tedious, each doesn’t really require me to go all around the world delivering items.
  • The game is 100% free, although it displays in-game advertisements.


  • System settings can only be configured inside the game, thus starting up 9dragons is quite painful for old computers.
  • The game needs activeX to start using IE, not good. Furthermore…
  • Game client is large (about 1GB), downloading it was painful. And on top of that, it still needs IE to start.
  • Advertisement cause about 1-2 seconds lag. Well, it’s version 0.9 and it’s free… What more should I expect.

So far the positives really outweigh the negatives.

If readers do have spare time on hand, go check it out. It’s 100% free.


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