Tick mark on IE 6…

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doesn’t exist. LAMEO!!!!

Redmond, WTF!!!

It’s a simple ✓. How hard can it be to support it?

All other browser use it. Even IE 7 use it. Why IE 7 improvements didn’t crittle down to IE 6?

Lame, Microsoft. Lame…

This guy even provide full article about it!


Silverlight on Linux…

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is Moonlight.

Fresh today, I read it on Slashdot. A hack-a-thon in 21 days by Mono team created Moonlight. An interesting port of Silverlight.

Interesting Notes:

Note 0: The summary of the development effort can be read here.

Note 1: It doesn’t require Mono. Thus, don’t immediately disregard it as no-future project.

Note 2: The port was done in 21 days. These people deserve extreme credits.

More background to the story:

Q: So what the heck is Silverlight anyway?

A: Silverlight is Microsoft attempt to compete (duh… what else can MSFT do?) with Adobe in Rich Internet Application realm.

Q: What is Rich Internet Application? Yet another Jargon?

A: Kinda. It’s like AJAX & DHTML technologies but instead of using Javascript, it can use Flash (Flex) or native C code (+ browser plugin). Usually it render using interesting technologies.

Q: Is Silverlight available on all platform?

A: Yes, from Wikipedia, MSFT is not being too much of an ass in terms of supported browsers and OSes for Silverlight. That’s a good thing. But then again, you can simply use Flash or Flex for the same results.

Q: So, how about Moonlight? Isn’t it a bit immature? hacked-in-21-days product cannot possibly be that good right?

A: I personally don’t think it’s a bad product. It shows the capability of Mono’s developers. How dedicated they are in delivering more to Linux community (on top of that, remember the harsh criticism Mono team always received).

Q: What does all this mean to me?

A: This fantastic project gives me yet another alternative in building Rich Client application without using Java applet. Although my preference is still traditionally Javascript, now I have Scriptaculous (or Mochikit), Flex, Silverlight, & Moonlight.

Finally, congratulations to Mono team. I have so much respect for you guys.


June 14, 2007 § 2 Comments

is an open source Ads Management System.

It’s 7 years old project, now backed by a commercial entity.

System Requirements:

  • PHP 4
  • MySQL or PosgreSQL
  • I think Apache 1.3 would suffice

This company and its open source predecessor would certainly spice up the world of advertisement online, which is already hot because of GOOG vs MSFT (DoubleClick) fiasco.

Me? I’m just glad that I now know an alternative solution to ad-based revenue.


Safari 3 on Windows…

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has just been released.

I found out first about it from WWDC keynote on apple.com.

Then of course like a true zeal, I install it on my Windoze work box.

Below are some of my first impressions:

  • It is fast. Try it on your typical productivity applications like; GMail or Google Docs or Zoho. (+123456789)
  • The GUI feels foreign, but iTunes or Picasa are like that too. (-1.2)
  • It crashed 1 time while trying to open too many tabs. But hey… it’s beta. (-3.15)

Overall, the experience is fabulous granted that I have to get used to the menu bar.

Try it!


Ars Technica

Webby Award!!!

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Get the complete coverage here!

  • Photos: (here)
  • Website Category: (here)
  • Interactive Advertisement Category: (here)
  • Online Film & Video Category: (here)
  • Mobile: (here)

Logo 2.0!

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Below are listing of Web 2.0 Logos and what the product actually do:

Below is some candid explanation about Web 2.0 logo:

Zend Framework… (Part 1)

June 5, 2007 § 1 Comment

Is intriguing and disappointing (a bit) at the same time.


This is just part 1 of what’s going to be an ongoing reviews. I decided to do the review this way because I realize that 1-2 days is definitely not going to do the framework justice. The review would take weeks at the very least.

So, let’s talk about why it is intriguing:

It’s web development framework from the official PHP folks. Of course it’s gonna be great. There are lots of PHP developers who are excited with this very thought, me included. Granted I’m late in the party.

Zend framework finally reached version 1.0, it seems to be ready for prime time? Let’s give it a shot.

Reading at the manual and the source code a bit, everything is a component in Zend Framework. Awesome! It seems to have everything I need and more. Once I understand how the component gets called, I’m sure I can develop a component that’s also plug n play in CakePHP. One component to rule the web!

Lastly, My my my… The directory structure is very familiar. Reminds me of RoR and CakePHP… especially CakePHP.

Now let’s talk about what makes me iffy at first:

I swim in RoR, CakePHP style framework for quite some times now. Somehow, I’m starting to like to be hand-held. I know, i know, that sounds bad. Software developer must make their own tools! With their own conventions! and their own configurations! I’m a bad developer for wanting the tools to spoil me.

Ok, enough with the guilt trip. Zend Framework doesn’t force me anything. It seems that I would have to write my own index.php, initialize the Zend_Db or Zend_Cache myself. Not a big deal, I’ll just have to get used to the new mind set.

But that doesn’t mean Zend doesn’t have any conventions. From some tutorials I saw IndexAction function name inside Zend_Controller. That’s an interesting naming convention. Reminds me of Struts Action in JAVA world (Shivers…….).

But what would be the real kicker is:

How performant is it? I haven’t been able to find some data that shows the performance capacity of Zend Framework. If readers have some data, or personal experience with it, please share those to me 🙂

I have yet to see what it can deliver better than CakePHP. But! (This is a big But) This is just the first review. I have yet to complete an application with it.

Stay tuned. Second review will come after I created a blog engine with it and stress test it. That being said the second review would be about performance.

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