The dot com dream…

May 25, 2007 § 1 Comment

is hella difficult to pursue.

When dreaming the web 2.0 dream, I cannot help but to felt discouraged. A lot…

The discouragement came when real problems arose. Whether it’s the database mapping that’s overly complicated (making searching difficult), or “way-over-the-top” JavaScript UI that I couldn’t create…

But such is life, ain’t nothin’ is easy. If success is easy, then everyone is successful already. Pursuing such humongous dream, of course I do the usual routes:

  • Bank in skills like mad because cool stuff are made by utilizing various skills.
  • Learn and apply time management. Even at home, or at work, or at plain old day-job, or while working at that cool open source framework. There’s only 24 hours a day. I cannot possibly lose too many minutes a day dreaming.
  • Being Frugal. Because Frugal is the new Cool in Web 2.0

But those are seemingly not enough. It’s really though to COMPLETE a dream.

Therefore, when I’m at my low points. I like reading stories about how other entrepreneurs do things. I never read self-help books, but experiences told by real entrepreneurs are believable and more importantly, REAL.

Below are compilations of good reads that I’ve read. Stay tuned because I will have more:


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