Now you can have your widgets on your IM

May 15, 2007 § Leave a comment

Yup, IMified made that possible. Or so I thought…

Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of screenshots to show what they can do yet.

Based on the description on their site, as well as their forums, it seems like they are delivering widgets by being added in buddy list.

After spending couple of minutes on it, I realized that this is a pretty cool concept albeit it felt somewhat unnatural.

All the basic tools are text-based only. That’s going to be a serious discomfort to casual Internet users. I cannot help but to wonder, how can they draw User Interface for some of the widgets.

Digging deeper into their blog, the founders seem passionate with their products. They contacted Google, Yahoo, as well as MSN for permission to make IMified possible. One interesting note from their effort is; On MSN, it seems like user cannot be added as buddy 1000 times. That means user cannot have 1000 friends. Interesting…

But anyway, IMified itself is still pretty interesting. I’ll check back on them in the near future.


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