Web 2.0…

May 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

is probably the most commented buzz-word in tech industry nowadays, especially by critics.

Within online community, we hear so much about “Web 2.0”. Their cool rags-to-riches stories. Their shiny, slick looking applications. As well as their spectacular failures.

Why people scoff “Web 2.0”?

  1. The fact that it is a widely used marketing buzz-word soured web 2.0 to the point of no return. Rounded corner and gradients are pretty much what people have in mind about “Web 2.0”.
  2. The fact that many of the founders have no business plan also worsen the image of “Web 2.0”, remember that dot-com bust happened not too long ago.
  3. In addition to no. 2, Google, Yahoo, MSFT, or even News Corp. bought all these new start-ups with ridiculous prices, creating disgusting odors of “Let’s get rich quick by making funky app! Who knows we’ll get bought by [xyz]”.

It saddens me to hear bad comments about “Web 2.0”. I like “Web 2.0”. I like it because of its simple formula:

  1. Host a CMS (Content Management System).
  2. Have a multi level permissions within the CMS.
  3. Allow registered users to Create, Read, & Update the content (based on given permission).
  4. Finally, Let the CMS to do 1 particular thing. Nothing more and nothing less (e.g. photo album, wiki, messaging, or personal profile).

The final point is what makes me attracted to “Web 2.0”. Simplicity. The application only offer features to specific targeted audiences. If there’s at least 1 good image about “Web 2.0”, it must be “non-bloatware”. The simplicity allows “Web 2.0” to be cheaply produced. And that’s a good thing.

“Web 2.0” is also fun to code because the application empowers internet users to produce, manage, & distribute digital products. Products such as articles, audio, or visual presentations (or hell, even online bookmarks).

The internet is not so foreign in the eyes of commoners anymore. Web portals and other overly complex applications are things in the past. Internet users don’t need to be guided anymore. What users really want is to get their task done as quickly as possible (online) with minimal interference.

When done right, “Web 2.0” makes internet usage simpler and friendlier. Consumers associate themselves with “Web 2.0” brand easier because of the targeted nature of its features. Also, because of the same reason, targeted advertisement can easily be done.

I love the core idea of “Web 2.0”. I love applications that make people’s life easier. On top of that, I enjoy reading the “american-dream-look-alike” start-up dreams.

If only more start-ups think about profitability…

If only more start-ups drop the idea of selling-out and get rich quick…

If only more start-ups care about their existence along with their users’ data…

I can only dream…


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