It’s been 1 week…

April 27, 2007 § Leave a comment

Since I got my Mac for course. I think this beautiful thing is ready for its first review.

So, let’s hear it:

  • As I proved it last week, Mac can still crashed. (-0.001)
  • PHP and Apache2 installation was such a breeze. (+9.99)
  • PHP is not pre-installed. (-0.00456)
  • UPDATE: PHP4 is pre-installed, I should have checked. (0.0)
  • Somehow was broken and I need to re-install again. (-0.0007)
  • Photo Booth rocks. I’m now addicted to it. (+67.41)
  • Fink didn’t install my SVN correctly. (-2.1)
  • Installing SVN binary was so easy. (+4.2)
  • Python & easy_install was easy to install. (+33.33)
  • Locate is simply doing such a GREAT job. (+4581.43)
  • Plain old terminal is always great, but iTerm is even better. (+129387.134)
  • DesktopManager open source is awesome, since I use multiple desktop on my Ubuntu. (+24.643145)
  • One of the best SVN GUI (svnX), crashed 3 times in 3 days. Not good. (-345.23)
  • TextMate is fabulous. (+3.14)
  • For some unknown reasons, Eclipse IDE run faster than its Windoze counterpart. (+1.2)
  • Local Apache instance being called “Personal Web Sharing” is hard to get used to. (-3.1)
  • Not having Ctrl, Fn, & Alt buttons for my right hand really sucks big time. Imagine holding a donut on your left hand and coding at the same time. (-99.9999999999)
  • Safari tab wasn’t set as default. That’s sooo IE. (-23.41)
  • Camino and Safari don’t display some of Google applications correctly. (-Googol)
  • It’s been 1 week and I still didn’t have to run Microsoft Office. Yes, you heard that right! 1 week fasting without Microsoft products. I will talk about this more later. (+Googol)
  • Only have 1 music player, iTunes, is great. I sucks at having too many choices. (+1.01)
  • Expose is indispensable. Now I cannot live without it. (+pi)
  • Most of the tools I use on Ubuntu, I can still have it on the Mac. (+831.45)
  • The keyboard felt soft, is this good or bad? (0.00)
  • Ruby is installed by default. Dynamic language? The more the better. (+34,21)
  • Java is pre-installed. (+0.00000000000000002345)
  • The screen is simply bright, at least brighter than HP laptop. Is it brighter than all Windoze screens? I don’t know. (+2.01)
  • No right click… That’s me being cheap not wanting to buy mouse. (0.00)
  • MagSafe? Very useful. Could have tripped the MacBook 3 times without it. (+891.873)
  • AirPort? Hella easier to setup than any Windoze wireless. (+1.034)
  • Being shunned by Linux fans? That sucks. (-132.65)
  • Being shunned by Windoze fans? (Priceless)

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