There ARE Games for OS X.

April 24, 2007 § Leave a comment

Rumor has it, Macintosh is always lacking games. I was told “Good luck finding games on THAT thing!”. Alright, that wasn’t very nice. But that lead my adventure in search of GREAT games for Mac OS X.

In search for enlightenment I found this: Exult! It is open source engine for running Ultima VII on modern operating systems. How lovely! Ultima VII is the love of my life in RPG realm. No games has ever matched its open-ended environment. 15 minutes after the download, I’m off reminiscing my youth solving the case of a dead gargoyle.

Further expedition lead me to even better discoveries: FreeCol and openTTD! Super awesome! Being the sole conqueror of America as well as the monopolist of transportation industry would certainly satisfy the Bill Gates in me.

Wheew… These 3 games would certainly fills up a whole month of my free time.

See! There ARE games for Mac OS X!

note: You know… there’s always chess app on your application folder. In case you didn’t see it.


Downloaded Armagetron. This Tron game is simple KICK ASS! Lot’s of fun.


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