OS X as the ultimate Web Dev machine!

April 22, 2007 § Leave a comment

Below are blogs, tutorials, and articles that help me configuring OS X to be the ultimate web development machine:

  1. Before doing anything, first execute command: “periodic weekly”. This allows you to use “locate” command.
  2. Fink! Before installing your favorite Linux tools/packages, get this one first. This app contains apt-get and much more.
  3. While you are installing Fink, why not FinkCommander?
  4. This guy presents dead-on tutorial on how to install Apache, MySQL, & PHP.
  5. This is my take on how to install Apache2 & PHP5.
  6. This guy shares us the joy of Python via this easy, breeze, beautiful blog.
  7. In case you have amnesia, or simply didn’t know SVN… Read this!
  8. What about Text Editor you say?
    • The hardcore side of me says “Use VIM my friend…”
    • The easy-to-use-but-resource-hog side of me says “How about Eclipse?”
    • Though TextMate still rules the realm of Darwinian.

More is coming up, if only I could find some of yesterday’s online tutorials (del.icio.us hasn’t solved my problem yet).


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