I got a Mac!

April 21, 2007 § Leave a comment

After 2 and 1/2 years of fanboism, I finally got a Mac. I never own one before actually (discounting my dad’s Apple IIe) so this is really exciting. Drooling over it like a puppy I was, staring at the lickable UI, somehow I felt sadden inside.

Lusting over a Macintosh for a long time is like dreaming of wanting to have sex with a model. Keep dreaming on how perfect she would be, how she would always have perfect hairs and nails. But when reality kicks in, everything crumbles.

Yes, crumbled into pieces. As I installed Fink, Python, SQLAlchemy, Apache2, PHP, & MySQL, the process was as smooth as silk. Everything flows, the GUI, the CLI, the fun and exciting .dmg extension, UNTIL I restart this beautiful thing.

It won’t start! It’s still not starting as I patiently bite my nails while watching the circular icon does its job. As I trembled in fear, I reached out for help: 1-800-800-2775. No such luck of course, because it’s 1 AM in the morning. (Duh, They need to sleep you know…)

Desperately, Like a good ol’ N00b, I attempted to reinstall everything AGAIN….. via CD. After couple of restart, somehow i managed to make the laptop to boot the CD OS. Good, now we are talking. After spending another 30 minutes or so, while thinking about what to post on this blog…. the beautiful OS is finally comes back to life.

Ahh… the joy of victory.


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